Lebanon Garden Club Meetings – 2016/2017 Fiscal Year


October 17th  2016, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Dena Williams, Sylvia Woods, Connie Schmidt

Program: ROSS PENHALLEGON, An urban and comercial horticulturist from Lane County Department of Horticulture. Ross is an espert on farm plant problems. He will tell us what kind of fruit trees to plant and when. He will discuss disease and insecto identification and control. Ross travels internationally, helping others with agricultural humanitarian educational projects.


 November 21st.,  2016, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Linda Boyd, Denese Oster Hames, Diane Roth, Carol Tortstrom


 Program: Thanksgiving Potluck. Time for Thanks. Come and enjoy a time of fellowship with your gardening friends. Bring a potluck dish and maybe your             recipe too!?



December 19th  2016, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Charlotte Mueller, Renato Stanko, Elsie Kuenzli, Kathleen Koch

Program: Christmas Potluck,  Please bring wrapped white elephant bingo items, a potluck dish and a $5 limit wrapped Gift for our gift exchange. Be ready to tell the members what your favorite pastime is in the winter months while the weather keeps us inside. Also, there will be an "Ugly Sweater" contest.



 January 16th  2017, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Sharon Swoverland, Ester Hillary, Wanda Legee


Program: Plant Exchange. Ever wonder why you have a black thumb when it comes to house plants? Our member interaction and

Information sharing about growing, propagating and caring for your plants may help! Members will bring their favorite plant and share what they do to keep it healthy. Each member is also asked to bring a houseplant to exchange for a different one. Let's have fun with this!" Bring a plant, get a plant" 




February 20th  2017, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Donna Deacon, Betty McCown, Carolyn Punteney


Program: CAROL WESTERGREEN, From "Out In The Garden Nersery" in Molalla, will tell us all she knows about Hellebores and winter flowering plants. Also, You will be judging your favorite Photo entries from our members to entered in the 2017 OSFGC State Convention photo contest. All winners will go to the Spring District meeting in March. The "People's Choice" winner will win a canvas print of their photo donted by Trudie's husband, Dic Bason of Bason Signs



March 20th  2017, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses and Host: Cindy Ongers, Lynne Nueman, Windy Nilsen


Program:CYNDA FOSTER, From Perennial Obsessions will tell us how to grow, propagate and care for succulents. Perennial Obsessions is a small Mom and Pop nursery located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. They are collectors and sellers of hardy succulents, hardy rock garden perennials, grasses, Hebe and other garden nursery fun.



April 17th  2017, Monday at Noon

First Christian Church, 170 E. Grant St. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses:  Kiamichi Isham, Georgiann Coakley, Cheryl Cunningham


Program: CLUB MINI FLOWER SHOW, Bring your examples of horticulture that you grow, in your own vase and your best designs for our flower show. This will be a learning experience and critque of your flowers and designs in prelude to out flower show in June. Horticulture must be grown by you but design floral may be purchased. You may enter any kind of design, wood, rocks, water tec. using the rules from the Flower Show Schedule. Dona Townsend, our member flower show judge will be our judge. Ribbons will be awarded. She will aslo give demonstration proper Horticulture displays. A Surprise guest will also give demonstration of proper design configuration.


May 15th  2017, Monday at Noon

The Home of Meg Kuster, Stillwater Apts. meeting room 1811 S. Second, Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Meg Kuster, Andrea Bower, Donna Swank


Program: "BUTTERFLIES, THE JOURNEY OF THE MONARCH". A member's daughter, Mavis Conner, from Grants Pass Oregon will share her experience on the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly. She raises Monarch's in screen houses inside her home. Bring your knowledge and questions as we offer your input on the habits & life cycle of this beautiful winged wonder. If you have taken your own photographs of Monarch's or other species of butterflies, please bring them to share



June 19th  2017, Monday at Noon

Linda Boyd's home at 33812 Bond Rd. Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Linda Boyd, Carol Torstrom, Diane Roth, Marylee Howell


Program: HANDS ON CRAFT PROJECT, There are may things you can do with paper to keep it out of the landfills. Our member, Cindy Ongers, will present a workshop on making your own recyclable paper seed packets to plant or give to your friends.


July 17th  2017, Monday at Noon

Ralston Park, Lebanon Oregon

Hostesses: Joli Root, Elsie Kuenzil, Beth Moyer


Program: LUAU IN THE PARK - BOX LUNCH SOCIAL & AUCTION, Special guests, Pat & Debbie Grueble of Green Thumb Nursery in Lebanon will be honored for the years of their support with our rose garden project. Fun, fun, fun at Ralston Park? Pack a lunch in a box and decorate it using your imagination. Be creative (shoe boxes work well) Please write your name on the bottom of the box so the person whoe end u with your box can thank you for spectacular lunch! We well auction the lunches beginning with a price of 25 cents. All proceeds will go towards Penny Pines. B ring loose $$, chairs and as always be prepared for the weather. Wear your favorite Hawaiian sirt for out Hawaiian shirt contest. win a prize. Don't forget 50/50 and win some dough.
Click Here for pdf version of Lebanon Garden Club Picnic Flyer



August 21st 2017, Monday at Noon

At the Home of Karen Stallman, please check your handbook for address


Hostesses: Karen Stallman, Ailene Eby, Carol McGlauflin


Program:"TOMATOES WITH LISA ALMARODE", Master Gardener and tomato expert, Lis Almarode owner of Fairweather Farm in Lebanon, talks tomatoes. She grows over a dozen varieties, colors and shapes. You might have seen her booth at the Annual Tomato & Salsa Fest at Timeless Gardens in September



September 18th  2017, Monday at Noon

Trudie Bason's Home, Timeless Gardens Nursery 33527 Brewster, Lebanon

Hostesses:  Trudie Bason, Denise Stewart, dona Townsend


Program: Our Club President, Trudie Bason will host us at her home as we have a member participation program, "All About Us". Bring pictures of your garden, flowers, trips or grandkids. Write about something interesting or design a storyboard about what you have seen or experienced this year so you can share. This is a great way to get to know your fellow  garden club friends